Holiday Celebrations – Which Wine is Right for Me?

Now that Thanksgiving is set, guests have been invited, shopping is done, the preparation of the bird is planned, and Thanksgiving wines have been selected, you are half way through the energetic joy and excitement of the holiday season. You are now left with a few more festive challenges to tackle.

Let’s now focus on Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or your customary celebration. We all celebrate holidays with family and friends, copious amounts of food and the pleasure of wine to enrich our food and fellowship.

Meat will more than likely be our focus at the table – be it beef, lamb, pork or poultry. It’s the time to explore outside the box with special cuts or exotic preparations. Some will hold to the tradition of holidays past, content with the tried and true recipes but many will engage that inner chef bursting to come out this time of year. Whichever persona you ascribe to, we all want perfection for our labors. The holidays are the time to shine and create.

The meal is determined by the recipes we select. But, the big unknown is which wine to serve. Again some will select the wine they always serve with their customary holiday meal and that’s okay. But, why not try a new approach and pick a rare, exotic wine to enliven your holiday meal this year. There are thousands of great wines from around the world, however, some of us tend to be “safe” and go with a Cabernet, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir. We all have ancestral roots, why not explore them? Or we may have a longing to explore the world and visit countries we have read or dreamed about. Why not visit them by enjoying their wines this holiday?

If you love France, instead of having Chardonnay, try Aligoté both are from the Burgundy Region. If Pinot Noir is the wine you enjoy try Chinon from the Loire Valley. And if you like an off dry wine, then the perfect wine for you would be a Vouvray also from the Loire Valley.

For those of you whose ancestral roots are from Italy, you have about 2000 varietals to choose from. Outstanding whites wine varietals like Ansonica, Trebbiano, Fiano, Ribolla Gialla, Falanghina, Catarrato and Insolia. But if red is your fancy, try the varietals of Barbera, Ruchè, Teroldego, Nero d’Avola and Carignano from Sardinia. Spain is a fascinating country to explore exotic wine varietals. Have you ever heard of the white varietals of Albariño, Godello, Xarello, Macabeo or Verdejo? Red varietals of interest to try are Parraletta, Moristel or Bobal.

Then there are the countries of Argentina with the white wine of Torrontés or the red wine Bonarda. Australia with the red wine varietal Grenache and the country of Uruguay with the unique varietal Tannat. South Africa has a tantalizing varietal in Pinotage, a wine that will pair quite well with that big roast beef.

At, we have researched all these fascinating varietals and have made them available for you to read about and order, adding new flair to all your holiday entertaining. Every wine has pairing suggestions on its fact sheet to help you pick the right wine and match with your menu. Put that exotic touch on your shopping list and engage your friends and family in the finer things of life.

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