About Jerry

Jerry Grady is a true professional with more than 35 years of industry wine experience. Jerry served as Director of the Orange County chapter of Les Amis Du Vin for 5 years, as a member of The Society of Wine Educators for 10 years and as a member of the tasting panel of the Underground Wine Journal for 2 years. In 1995 Jerry was program chairperson for the Society of Wine Educator’s annual conference in Los Angeles. A published author, Jerry published articles in the Underground Wine Journal as well as writing and producing a two CD set on wine education. For 15 years Jerry Grady served professionally as Sales and Marketing Manager of the third largest wholesale wine distributor in California. He was General Manager of a fine dining Mediterranean restaurant in Southern California with an acclaimed wine list and back bar. While there, he developed a 40 bottle “Wine by the Glass” program featuring exotic and rare wines from around the world. He has served as guest Sommelier at the Hobbit Restaurant in Orange, California as well as setting up and coordinating California tastings for Clive Coates, the English wine writer, for his journal, The Vine, for 3 years.

Jerry has traveled extensively throughout the wine regions of Austria, Australia, Chile, France, Germany and Italy. Nearer to home, he has enjoyed his association with Rene Chazottes, setting up and coordinating tasting events such as “50 Years of Chateaux Latour” and “48 Years of Chateaux Haut Brion” at the Pacific Club. He has developed many wine themed events, dinners and wine tasting opportunities.


I’ve known Jerry since 1994, when he was program chairman for the Society of Wine Educator’s 1995 annual conference. Somehow, he had enough faith in a wine novice who had just passed the certified wine educator exam, namely me, to take me on as program co-chairman for the conference. During that year, a wonderful friendship was forged through hard work and a mutual love for wine. That experience as program co-chairman helped me gain entrance into the “Master of Wine” program. Jerry helped me immensely in my Master of Wine studies as I benefited from his generosity and wealth of knowledge. Jerry offers the consumer a vast knowledge of the world of wine, including a fantastic and discriminating palate. He has a unique ability to make the complex topic of wine easy to understand. His great palate and broad experience tasting wines from around the world makes Jerry uniquely capable to bring exotic and unique wines to the consumer’s door. What else could be better?

Patrick Farrell, MW (Master of Wine)
President and CEO
Inventive Tecknology/BevWizard, Inc.

During my tenure of Director of tasting at “The Underground Wine Journel” Jerry brought an insight of the wine industry, a unque capability in the evaluation of wine, the perfect vocabulary of description and the sence of probity rare amoung the wine trade.

When a grand tasting was to occur (at the Pacific Club) my first call is toward Jerry, having the ultimate confidence that each bottle of wine would be evaluated, decanted and the groundwork of education for consumer understanding would be complete.

Candor and trustworthiness is synonymous with Jerry Grady.

René Chazottes
Maitre Sommelier
Director of Wine
The Pacific Club
4110 MacArthur Boulevard
Newport Beach, CA 92660